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Dalak Games founded by two game developers at METU Teknokent / Ankara in 2017.

From the very beginning we at Dalak Games aimed at creating fun and engaging gameplay experiences. At the start of our adventure, we have created various games on various gaming platforms. Before our pivot into the mobile gaming market, we released games on Steam and PlayStation Network. After our new goals are set, we released our first mobile title “Yush” on ios and Andriod. And in 2018 we developed Ignis and partnered up with Istanbul Based publisher company Narcade.

Since the release of Ignis, we are hard at work creating more content for Ignis as well as developing new games. We are aimed to create unique and fun games that will be enjoyed all around the world.


Egemen Can Güler

Co-Founder / Developer

Umut Gökçe Issı

Co-Founder / Developer

Aslı Narin

Concept Artist

Mustafa Karaca

 3D Genaralist

Osman Çalışkan

Game Developer