We are a team of developers
who are devoted to creating unique
and engaging gameplay experiences

Dalak Games currently focusing on mobile games with a variety of different game genres. We have released our first mobile title, “Ignis” on all major mobile platforms in June 2018.


Amazing! It really is immersive and simplistic, yet at the same time challenging to just the right degree. I didn’t mind using a dollar to get rid of the ads at all. The game is well worth playing if you enjoy strategy puzzle games.a.

Nyxus Scarlet

I love this game!!! I gust installed it today and I’m already on level 85+! Its not to hard once you get the hang of it! All you do is find a line that you want the fire to go and it will be zigzaging shape to shape of rope! I love this game this much

Mia P

Wonderful game, well executed, unique, intuitive but still challenging. I’ve been looking for a good puzzle game to fill that “puzzle spot” in my phone for a while and I’ve found it.

the Rheanator